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Recommended reading

Glass thickness: 
      average glass thickness: 2.8 to 3.0 mm (i.e., 1/8 inch)
Glass Size: 
      780 mm x 962 mm = 0.75 m2 per glass Size: 30.7 inches x 37.8 inches = 6.46 square feet
Glass box capacity: 
      66 sheets per glass, ie 49.5 square meters (532.62 square feet)
Glass Box Specifications: 
      Length 1100 mm × width 400 mm × height 1000 mm = 0.33 cubic meters, namely: length 43.3 inches × width 15.7 inches × height 39.4 inches = 11.65 cubic feet
      gross weight: 390 kg, net weight: 350 kg
      A 20-foot container with 30 cases; 40-foot container with 60 cases
      according to user requirements with cars
      All glass packaging in a solid wooden crates, wooden rivet nails, transport, every two boxes tied together with iron.
Sample Box: 
      The glass sample box provides approximately 300 glass samples. Among them, the opaque color glass, transparent color glass, pearl colorful glass, water pattern glass, spot glass, Venus glass, bubble glass, ice jade glass, purple glass nine series products.